Wednesday, April 12, 2017

YOUTUBE Playlist Maker

Increase Views & Watchtime To Your Videos

Becoming a YouTube Playlist Maker is part of getting more visitors to your website.

Since YouTube is the SECOND biggest search engine after Google, you want to do everything you can to rank high in YouTube.

Content is always the most important thing when doing video marketing like this.

So when making a YouTube playlist choose a title for that list that relates to the videos included in it.


Also make sure all the videos included are in someway related to each other and the title you gave the list. Remember you want people searching for the keywords in your title to NOT BE DISAPPOINTED when they play the first video.

They WILL leave if you promised something and did NOT deliver. You want people to watch your videos as long as possible, so always be mindful of what they are looking for. Do NOT try to entice them with a provocative "Title" and switch to another subject.

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