Friday, April 14, 2017

YOUTUBE Thumbnail Generator {PT.2}

How To Make A Custom Thumbnail / Use Online BUSINESS CARD Tool

Youtube Thumbnail Generator is totally FREE and EASY to use.

Just go to this website which is designed to generate personal business cards. You can easily change the TEXT and IMAGES.

Go thru the business cards keeping in mind it will become your custom thumbnail when finished. Remember you want it to be eye catching because it will become your YouTube Brand.

Start by removing all the text on the card and add an image to the card. Choose images off of Goole or Shutterstock that are visually appealing and represent what your website is all about.


Next add the name of your website big enough to show all across the top of your card. This site name and image can remain the SAME for all future custom images. Now just add the title of the video this custom thumbnail will appear on.

Be sure to make the title very SHORT because you need to make the text as LARGE as possible. You want people searching for your subject matter to be able to READ whats on your thumbnail. When done just SAVE To Computer the image you just made. Go to YouTube and upload image off your computer to become your custom thumbnail.

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