Wednesday, March 1, 2017

YOUTUBE Associated Website

CONNECT YouTube Videos Direct To Your Website

A YOUTUBE Associated Website seemed like a good idea and I tried my best to do it several times.

But like so many things that are good ideas, it is NOT SO EASY in real life to do it.

But after so many attempts and failures I finally got lucky and figured it out.

This video shows you how to put a LINK "Within Your Video" that when clicked takes visitors directly to your website.

What is so great about this is that many times the places you may embed your videos DO NOT ALLOW you to put "Clickable Links" in the description. But now your link is right inside your video, so people can still click over to visit your website.


I am real excited about being able to do this as I tried and tried and tried before to figure this thing out and FAILED at doing it. It just goes to show you that many times when something is too hard to figure out, just give your brain a rest and try again after a few days.

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