Sunday, April 9, 2017

MAKING Custom Images {PT.1}

How To Make A Custom Image / Put In Your Sidebar & Clickable To Posts

FREE Images For Blogs can be eyecatching and easily custom made - Watch & Find Out How! It is important to have eyecatching custom images on your blog because people get bored looking at just print on a web page.

It is important to understand that if visitors to your website do not see anything interesting in the first few seconds, they will leave never seeing all the hard work you put into your site.


So take your time and look for colorful and eye striking images to put on your blog. Also be sure to retitle each image. Use a short descriptive title that tells what your picture is about. That way when Google and other robots visit your site, they can read your words and know exactly what your site is about. Remember if search engines do not know what your site is about, they will never give you a better ranking.

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